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The future of flexo

Conventional press manufacturers have marked record sales in recent years as converters looked to add capacity in the wake of the pandemic surge orderi…

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The Future of E-commerce Packaging to 2027

The growth in e-commerce packaging during the global pandemic is well reported, but what is predicted to happen next? What new challenges and innovati…

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Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

For many, Asia Pacific is a faraway holiday land with ancient traditions, flavorsome food and welcoming people. It might be a distant land, but it stru…

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What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a massfabrication process for cutting out shapes by shearing stock materials such aspaper and chipboard using a die, which is a speciall…

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The Importance of Food-Safe Adhesive in Paper Straws

Innovation with integrityThe single-use plastic ban in India, Europe, and Canada is continuing to impact how customers and manufacturers think about s…

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Beverage Labeling Market In Africa: A Huge Potenial

The beverage market in Africa continues to grow at an exponential rate. Due to its expanding economy, population, and urbanization, Africa is a valuabl…

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